Forms and Precedents



Note from SCCO on filing electronic bills: 

Please ensure that any email (and any other written communication with the court) complies with Rule 39.8 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

Electronic bills in spreadsheet format (but not pdf copies) should be filed using the SCCO’s e-bill address .

Other documents may be filed at the SCCO in or attached to a single email addressed to provided that the email and attachments do not between them exceed, on printing, 10 A4 sides in a standard, legible font. (Please see the Senior Courts Costs Office Guide 2018, paragraph 1.8.)

Except for electronic bills, emails and attachments in excess of that length will not be printed or read by the judge. Attempts to circumvent these limits by sending multiple emails will not be accepted.

No document can be filed by sending an email direct to a judge or a costs officer.

Please do not submit by email documents which require payment of a fee, such as applications. Such e-mails will be deleted.